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Trimmer is a collaboration platform for media producers from freelancers to post-houses. Host footage, manage projects and deliver your content directly to your audience.

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All formats, one place

Whether you process video, image sequences, sound files, still images, text documents, edit lists or even scripts - we have you covered. Trimmer's clean and lightning fast user interface is simple to learn. Based on a powerful metadata search index it eliminates the pain of manually organizing your content into folders with ever changing naming conventions.

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Stay organized

Trimmer stores data in asset bundles that combine multiple versions, formats and renditions of related media and their metadata. Bundles can be forked and merged to work with independent versions of assets and subclips. When you share or publish a bundle from your library you control which files and which metadata is exported.

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Attach external storage

Mount cloud storage, on-premise storage and even shuttle drives as volumes into your account to import, export or move your data with Trimmer. We track where exactly your content is stored and how many copies you actually have to simplify shipping, backup, and restore for you.

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Embrace metadata

Metadata is valuable and powerful, but complex. That's why we made it easy and extract, store, index, analyze and transform all metadata for you. Trimmer handles every metadata scheme from frame-level technical metadata captured by today's cameras to distribution infos for finished deliverables. You can even add custom metadata to your assets.

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Automate your work

Build your own workflow from building blocks to you easily transcode, copy, conform, publish and archive your work. Workflows can be triggered in response to events happening around your data and by external events from web-hooks. That way you can build integrations that react to actions on Trimmer or make Trimmer react to external activity.

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Collaborate efficiently

Comment, review and release production assets together with your team and your clients. Each asset may contain an independent stream of timecode synchronized user comments, dynamic metadata tags and visual overlays. Use them to discuss work tasks, attach structured metadata to subclips and make everything searchable.

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Manage your progress

Trimmer allows you to create unlimited versions of assets and keeps the entire version history. You can fork assets to make independent copies so multiple people in your team can work in parallel and later re-combine them. All the way your actual data files are only referenced, so copies don't require extra storage space and you always know which files have been used by each version.

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